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Mid-Century Modern Home Decor Ideas



mid century home decor

The allure of mid-century modern styles has never faded. The clean and sophisticated look of the furnishings and accents is something that blends into any home. It also seems to fit into anyone’s personal style.

mid century home decor

The tranquility of the designs from the 1940s through 1960s is something that seems right in today’s world. It seems to provide a soothing respite from the digital activity that goes on.

If you are looking to pull off a mid century modern home decor look, you do not need to spend thousands of dollars to overhaul every piece of furniture in every room.

Add a few key pieces along with carefully chosen accent pillows and other accessories, and come home to a mid-century inspired dream. Here are some tricks to know to pull this look off without breaking your budget.

You do not have to take an interior design course to learn what constitutes mid-century modern. If you are familiar with the styles of furniture in stores that boast looks from something out of a 1950s TV show, you have an idea of what the style incorporates.

Furniture stores both online and off that carry mid-century pieces often include those that feature the Scandinavian influence. Their furnishings will give a novice a good idea of the main styles of sofas and chairs to build a basic mid-century look from.


Further ideas can be gleaned from going to websites featuring work by some of the major designers of the era including Noguchi and Eames. These designers made use of plastics, plywood, and metals to create their clean, softly angled pieces.

You can easily take the pieces that you have in your home and build the mid century modern home decor appearance from there. Some designers will inform amateur home decorators to stay away from a purist approach to decorating.

Your preferences and tastes should dictate what goes where in your home. The logic behind this advice is that if you stick to mid-century modern all throughout the home it can give it a somewhat artificial look.

You want it to have a livable appearance. Choose major pieces like a sofa and a coffee table to start your living room off with, and then build on those using rugs and accent pieces. Pillows, clocks or vases from the era provide easy, versatile and affordable ways to accentuate your mid-century style.

For other rooms like bedrooms, you might choose a clean-lined bed around which to place mid-century style chairs or nightstands. Biomorphic pieces such as glass table tops or vases are excellent for adding an instant dose of the 1950s and 60s. These are noted for their fluidity.

As you shop for pieces, you will be naturally attracted to those that appeal to your senses. Trust yourself as you bring pieces you like most into the home. With a few carefully chosen furnishings you can bring tranquility to your home that beckons the feel of a bygone but not forgotten simpler time.



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